Here's the first version of this year's timetable. More events (such as liveacts) will be added soon.


12:00 Event Doors Open
17:00 Event Newcomer Mentoring Program: Tour of Partyplace
Seminar cyrusdreams: Seminar about cabling
18:00 Event Opening Ceremony
Event Newcomer Mentoring Program: „How to scene“ for beginners
19:00 Event The DUB Quiz
Seminar Netpoet: Coden für Kohle: Wichtiges für den Vertrag
20:00 Event The Meteoriks
22:00 Event Shader Showdown Qualification
Seminar franky: Belgian beers for experts


00:00 Concert Knoeki
Deadline Oldskool Music
Deadline Tracked Music
Deadline Photo
Deadline Animation/Video
01:00 Second Stage Bullet
02:00 Second Stage Subi
03:00 Second Stage Mayor
10:00 Seminar pixtur: Using tooll.io to build, tweak, and animate procedural computer graphics (3h workshop)
11:00 Event Revision 5k Run
12:00 Event Look behind the Scenes: Compoteam
Competition Media Facade
Deadline Modern Graphics
Deadline Oldskool Demo
Deadline Amiga Intro
Deadline PC 4K Intro
Deadline PC 64K Intro
Deadline 2D Demo
Deadline Animated GIF
12:30 Event Look behind the Scenes: Infoteam
13:00 Competition Tracked Music
14:00 Event Paintover Compo Announcement
Seminar SvOlli: How to make a "case of light" (4k seminar)
14:30 Event Shader Showdown Semifinals
15:30 Second Stage DJ Arvy aka Triace
Event Business Forum
16:30 Seminar sweetfish: Batched rendering for 2D graphics
17:00 Event Shader Showdown Finals
18:00 Competition ASCII/ANSI
Competition Oldskool Music
Competition Photo
Competition Animation/Video
Competition 2D Demo
Competition PC 64K Intro
21:00 Event The Meteoriks Winner Screening
22:00 Concert Chiptune Extravaganza
23:00 Competition Amiga Intro
Competition PC 4K Intro
Competition Oldskool Demo


00:00 Deadline Wild
Deadline Streaming Music
Deadline Executable Music
Deadline 4K Executable Graphics
Deadline Oldskool Graphics
01:00 Second Stage Lando
02:00 Second Stage Bombe vs. dojoe
03:00 Second Stage Glxblt
06:00 Deadline PC 8K Intro
Deadline Game
10:00 Seminar Kylearan: News from an alien and twisted musical desert
11:00 Event Look behind the Scenes: Main-Organizing
Seminar Zavie: A real-time post-processing crash course (final version)
12:00 Event Look behind the Scenes: Network Team
Seminar BeRo & urs: The design of the KRAFT 3D rigid body physics engine
Second Stage FRaNKy
Deadline Amiga Demo
Deadline Oldskool 4K Intro
12:30 Event Look behind the Scenes: Beamteam
13:00 Competition Executable Music
Competition Modern Graphics
13:30 Event Tour for interested citizens of Saarbrücken
14:00 Second Stage The baddest man on the planet
Deadline PC Demo
Deadline Paintover
15:00 Competition Streaming Music
16:00 Second Stage Mario DJ
Seminar Smash: How Fairlight/CNCD infiltrated the world of live visuals
17:00 Event Look behind the Scenes: Seminars, Recording, Postprocessing
Competition 4K Executable Graphics
Competition Oldskool Graphics
Competition Wild
Competition Animated GIF
Competition Paintover
Competition Game
20:30 Concert /KICK
21:30 Concert Alkama
22:30 Competition PC 8K Intro
Competition Oldskool 4K Intro
Competition Amiga Demo
Competition PC Demo


01:00 Second Stage H0ffman, lug00ber, Ronny
10:00 Deadline Voting
11:00 Event Prizegiving
13:00 Event Doors Close